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Daniel Fore (danrabbit) wrote :

Back and forward buttons are sensitive with no history in the Save as dialog which causes a segfault when clicked.

We've still got a double border issue in the action area. We're duplicated each other somewhere :p It's fine in Save As, but there's a double border in the Open File and Open Folder. Might want to make sure you've got lp:egtk trunk since I have made some small adjustments for this dialog.

Are we able to affect the places sidebar at all? Specifically it shows a "desktop" folder even though one doesn't exist. Also we'd probably want to remove the "enter location" item since the pathbar widget handles that.

In the "Save As" dialog, is it possible to move the name entry down into the action-box? There's a lot of free space in the middle there and it would save us that whole vertical area.

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