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3fa33b0... by Tianon Gravi

Upgrade to Go 1.13 across the board to fix race conditions during build

This should fix the following intermittent build error we see on launchpad when performing parallel builds:

> # github.com/docker/docker/daemon/logger/loggerutils
> .gopath/src/github.com/docker/docker/daemon/logger/loggerutils/logfile.go:179:8: undefined: "github.com/docker/docker/vendor/github.com/pkg/errors".Is
> # github.com/docker/docker/volume/mounts
> .gopath/src/github.com/docker/docker/volume/mounts/mounts.go:116:6: undefined: "github.com/docker/docker/vendor/github.com/pkg/errors".Is

9341708... by Tianon Gravi

Add "network-control" plug to dockerd

See https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/auto-connect-docker-to-network-control/18054?u=tianon for more details (related directly to the mitigation in 19.03.11 for CVE-2020-13401, but more generally something Docker normally should have).

61a7663... by Tianon Gravi

Sort dockerd "plugs" list

70f1fcf... by Tianon Gravi

Rename "moby" component to "engine" and pull from https://github.com/moby/moby.git now that it is the official source of "engine" tags

69daf0b... by Tianon Gravi

Update to 19.03.11 (esp. for CVE-2020-13401)

a577d7d... by Tianon Gravi

Add "removable-media" interface

c9948eb... by Tianon Gravi

Add "libffi-dev" to compose build for non-x86 architectures

4c2cb39... by Tianon Gravi

Update Docker Machine to 0.16.2

d91c92a... by Tianon Gravi

Update docker-compose to 1.25.5 and Python 3

5975e24... by Tianon Gravi

Update embedded Git to v2.26.2