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eb332fe... by Ian Johnson

many: update patches to docker CE 18.09

* use 18.09 git commits from the docker-ce repo
* build dockerd from the docker/engine repo directly
* build docker from the docker/cli repo directly
* adjust patches to apply to the docker/engine repo
* generalize the apparmor profile for the child container to accommodate any $SNAP_NAME and service combination
* create the $$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR because runc needs it but can't create it itself

Signed-off-by: Ian Johnson <email address hidden>

6d52e71... by Ian Johnson

snap/hooks/install: ensure $SNAP_DATA/etc/docker exists

Signed-off-by: Ian Johnson <email address hidden>

419af60... by Ian Johnson

patches: delete /etc/docker related patches

This are no longer necessary with the new layout setup.

9097852... by Ian Johnson

snapcraft.yaml: setup layouts entry for /etc/docker inside the snap

Also need the spread test's prepare-all to enable snaps with layouts for now, as layouts is still experimental.

7dd898c... by Ian Johnson

patches/snappy-etc-apparmor-d.patch: remove patch

This patch will become unnecessary once we update the docker-support interface to allow access to the macros in the core snap at /etc/apparmor.d/.
Note that the upstream PR for this is https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/5854.

c1b59b1... by Ian Johnson

prepare-all.sh: don't need sudo to add docker group

342dc73... by Ian Johnson

prepare-all.sh: make sure snapd is installed and works

6372dfa... by Ian Johnson

patches/snappy-apparmor-tweaks.patch: remove UC 15.04 code

Not supported anymore and also not needed.

6a94090... by Ian Johnson

prepare.sh: simplify snap connect commands

654ee73... by Ian Johnson

snap/snapcraft.yaml: remove docker-compose note

The request for a docker-compose alias is here: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/alias-for-docker-compose-as-docker-compose/7481