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dacb68f... by Ian Johnson

Revert "config/daemon.json: change storage-driver to overlay2"

This reverts commit 655023b0c8abbe190ab4795bb0cc2a4464b50b5c.

Signed-off-by: Ian Johnson <email address hidden>

655023b... by Ian Johnson

config/daemon.json: change storage-driver to overlay2

AUFS is no longer recommended and is in fact no longer supported on
windows community edition of docker, so it's likely that the docker
engine will drop support for aufs at some point in the near future.

Signed-off-by: Ian Johnson <email address hidden>

c1b59b1... by Ian Johnson

prepare-all.sh: don't need sudo to add docker group

342dc73... by Ian Johnson

prepare-all.sh: make sure snapd is installed and works

6372dfa... by Ian Johnson

patches/snappy-apparmor-tweaks.patch: remove UC 15.04 code

Not supported anymore and also not needed.

6a94090... by Ian Johnson

prepare.sh: simplify snap connect commands

654ee73... by Ian Johnson

snap/snapcraft.yaml: remove docker-compose note

The request for a docker-compose alias is here: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/alias-for-docker-compose-as-docker-compose/7481

38a8b7b... by Ian Johnson

snap/snapcraft.yaml: up machine to 0.15, compose to 1.22

bb8f2a8... by Ian Johnson

snap/snapcraft.yaml: update docker sources to 18.06.1

Also start using go 1.10.4 for builds.

6e6154e... by Ian Johnson

.gitignore: ignore spread-reuse files