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932d35e... by Gary.Wang

Merge branch '17.09' of https://github.com/adglkh/docker-snap

115829b... by Gary.Wang

Use aufs as default strage driver.

From 17.09, overlay2 is being used as default storage driver instead of aufs.
see this PR for more details
However when running the spread test on ubuntu-core, we see the apparmor denials
(the root path contains the rootfs partition"system-data") after switching to overlay2.
So for this release, we still stick around aufs as the default storage driver.

e11874d... by Gary.Wang

Do not hardcode the container's name.

ce7e5e8... by Gary.Wang

Update model and system-user assertion file.

Our system-user assertion file has been expired. We now extend
validation for three more years. I updated the model assertion too
since I use a new account-id.
For the record, the new account is <email address hidden> and
corresponding account-id: P6dgVeuoAbrvPznd7Ysvw9Bye4MrxgM3

15745dd... by Gary.Wang

Bump up version to 17.09.2 and update all components.

b820885... by Gary.Wang

Merge branch '17.06.2' of https://github.com/docker/docker-snap

df9a1a3... by Gary.Wang

Merge branch 'spread-test' of https://github.com/docker/docker-snap

9b362b1... by Gary.Wang

Bump version to 17.06.2-ce.

fb7d0f3... by Gary.Wang

Use builtin helper function(MATCH) in spread tests and Fix indentation.

5ff8f9c... by Gary.Wang

Bump to 17.06.1 and update docker-compose to 1.15.0.