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Roberto Alsina (ralsina) wrote :

> * As you can see here
> - The text in the "side widget" overlaps to the right with the side widget's
> dotted vertical line
> - The welcome_label has to be bigger, perhaps x-large or xx-large
> * As you can see here
> - The window from this branch is bigger than the window from trunk, which is
> an issue since we need to fit small screens. So, we need the window's height
> not ot be higher than 525px.
> - All the fonts looks a little bigger.
> * The font for the "Getting info, please wait" is now much smaller than
> before.
> * Since you're already modifying the NAME_STYLE and PERCENTAGE_STYLE
> constants, would you please make them unicode?

I think all these are now fixed.

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