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4a04b5e... by Scott Kitterman

Logging fixups: Don't traceback for non-UTF-8 data in mail headers and don't put byte string markers in logs (some remain, but are from dkimpy and should be fixed there), related to LP: #1980821

a90c88c... by Scott Kitterman

Minimal fix for dnspython 2.0.0 compatibility (still works with 1.16.0)

791f8d8... by Scott Kitterman

CHANGES entry for Stefano Rivera's table docs improvements

7b37e2c... by Scott Kitterman

Fix dnsfunc definition for test suite for compatibility with dkimpy >= 1.0

7be865d... by Stefano Rivera

Only one key name is needed for multiple signature algorithms

Clarify that key names from SigningTable apply to RSA and ed25519 keys.
The way to sign with both algorithms is to provide keys in both
KeyTables, with the same name.

e67a1b3... by Stefano Rivera

Only the first matching identity is used

This is explicitly stated later in the section.

bf578e7... by Scott Kitterman

Improve formating for markdown display on pypi

04ef362... by Scott Kitterman

Set release date

489238d... by Scott Kitterman

Correct dkimpy-milter.conf file install location to match expand locations

a8bf710... by Scott Kitterman

 - Fix expand option not to fail if files are missing since socket activation
   service files are not shipped in the sdist