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96b8738... by Scott Kitterman Fix macro name typo. Thanks to Victor Dukhovni for pointing it out.

c240910... by Scott Kitterman

Change version to 1.2.3 (these are all bug fixes) and set release date

16ab67d... by Scott Kitterman

Fix comma separated list processing in dkimpy_milter/
   (LP: #1901445)

6d1c796... by Scott Kitterman

Fix subdomain signing with top-level organizational domain (LP: #1999434)

84803d3... by Scott Kitterman

Improve documentation of inter-relationship between Mode, InternalHosts,
   MacroList, and MacroListVerify options in dkimpy-milter.conf.5 (Closes:

815e1a6... by Scott Kitterman

Reset the i= signature identity in get_identities_sign() (Closes: #981157)

c3d6bce... by Scott Kitterman

Fix formatting for MinimumKeyBits in dkimpy-milter.conf(5)
   (Closes: #995335)

ea2ef10... by Scott Kitterman

Add missing CHANGES entries

039fcc5... by Scott Kitterman

Finalize UTF-8 fixup, including dkimpy/pymilter version bumps

e378fb0... by Scott Kitterman

Fixup on UTF-8 changes