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2672. By jonathanj

Follow PEP 370 for constructing the user site-packages path and stop assuming platform stuff in BranchManager tests. refs #3002

2671. By jonathanj

Apply 3002_user_site_packages_path_fix.patch. refs #3002

2670. By jonathanj

Branching to 'combinator-wants-user-site-packages-3002'

2669. By exarkun

Remove some duplication in the email address regexp

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: mithrandi
Fixes: #3011

Change the definition of the regexp for parsing email addresses so that it uses
the `somePrintableUSAscii` variable that it creates instead of duplicating the
information it represents.

2668. By exarkun

Merge inbox-people-list-2224

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: none
Fixes: #2224
Fixes: #1886

Change the Quotient inbox people list so that it orders people alphabetically
and so that it does not exclude the self person from the listing.

2667. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-ast-3005

Author: gbrandl, exarkun
Reviewer: exarkun
Fixes: #3005

Convert pyflakes to use the Python 2.5+ _ast module instead of
the older (now essentially unmaintained) compiler package.

Introduce a number of new tests for various edge cases previously
untested, as well, since this involved changing substantial chunks
of pyflakes internals.

Also add support for certain new constructs which will be added
in Python 2.7, including set comprehensions and dict comprehensions.

Because Python 2.4 does not include the _ast module, this change
effectively drops support for running Pyflakes using Python 2.4.

2666. By exarkun

Apply nevow-doc-fixes.patch addressing release related doc issues

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: zooko, mithrandi
Fixes: #2998

Change Nevow's MANIFEST.in so that it includes everything beneath doc/ rather
than trying to list all of the extensions of files which should be included.

Also change the README in Nevow's doc directory to give the correct lore command
to build the documentation.

Also change Nevow's glossary to use valid lore markup (the old markup was probably
valid at some point, but only accidentally).

2665. By mithrandi

Call gc.collect() less frequently.

This should significantly speed up startup time for projects with a lot of
legacy type declarations.

Fixes: #3007
Author: mithrandi
Reviewer: exarkun

2664. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-class-name-binding-2999

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: jesstess, mithrandi
Fixes: #2999

Fix a bug in the checker's handling of class names which caused
a class's own binding to be considered valid within the definition
of the class itself.

Now the binding is only valid after the class definition.

2663. By exarkun

Merge stdlib-sqlite3-1918

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: mithrandi
Fixes: #1918

Use the stdlib sqlite3 module on Python 2.6 or newer if the third-party
pysqlite2 is not installed.

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