Last commit made on 2021-04-26
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58ed7c2... by Roman

Fix error inside Save layout dialog. Closes #123

27a3e28... by Roman

Fix incorrect elliptical arc end angle. Closes #121

5128669... by Roman

Fix regression with country flags.

Since Qt 5.12 QLocale::countryToString returns names of countries with spaces.

(cherry picked from commit af1a77f1f1488d8d3f7cf8d2e550341712001884)

359735f... by Roman

Enabling Show Curve Details option causes constant redraw.

97c91ca... by Roman

Fix incorrect filename regular expressions.

d325b93... by Roman

Fix opening link to a website.

274de54... by Roman

Improve Windows installer. [skip ci]

Make removing settings on uninstall optional.

1b57053... by Roman

Fix crash while synchronize measurements.

64f70a5... by Roman

Fix label size for case with two pins.

b83fec6... by Roman

Fix removing a pin in the Seam Allowance tool dialog.