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3ce9de7... by Roman on 2020-02-16

error: no viable conversion from 'PuzzleMainWindow' to 'PuzzleMainWindow *'.

736d07a... by Roman on 2020-02-16

error: unknown type name 'QFileOpenEvent'.

8e815bb... by Roman on 2020-02-16

Suppress warnings.

5a10bd7... by Roman on 2020-02-16

Puzzle application class.

732cda4... by Roman on 2020-02-16

Dummy base for Puzzle application.

0483dd5... by Roman on 2020-02-11

Fix generation of recipe.

Modeling object can be removed by the garment collector. In this case the recipe generator will complain about a missed object. We can happily ignore this case if we deal with modeling object.

8eac0d5... by Roman on 2020-02-11

Improve code style.

309259a... by Roman on 2020-02-10

Approximation scale on curved path - Draw vs. Detail. Closes smart-pattern/valentina#8.

6864ddc... by Roman on 2020-02-04

Fix build with Qt 5.14.

5b6e2c1... by Roman on 2020-01-31

Trick qmake to not work through MSYS.