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43450e9... by Jay Kuri

use CONTAINER_APP_NAME in pod-setup exit status messaging

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~jk0ne/charm-k8s-discourse/+git/discourse-k8s-image-builder/+merge/387226
Reviewed-by: Tom Haddon <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Joel Sing <email address hidden>

c6c6644... by Jay Kuri

Remove serve_static_assets flag and always serve static assets. Always
run sidekiq

cc98ebf... by Jay Kuri

use CONTAINER_APP_NAME in pod-setup exit status messaging

614b9c7... by Jay Kuri

remove redis.conf.tmpl as we no longer run redis locally

b8f71fa... by Jay Kuri

Remove local discourse, minor shell / logging tweaks, comment

42afa69... by Jay Kuri

Add migrate syncronization workaround. Revise startup process to better handle logs, etc.

8ff8ed3... by Jay Kuri

Revisions toward a working initialization / migrate process

d261e76... by Jay Kuri

WIP - Modifications to allow migrate to run when run as an initContainer

9f54d21... by Jay Kuri

Lots of updates.

* Cleanup development cruft.
* Make RAILS_ENV settable from outside
* Reorder dependencies
* Capture redis log and unicorn error log to stdout
* Introduce master discourse concept (only run migrate on master)
* Move asset build to background to speed up launch
* probably other things I forgot

f7080b1... by Jay Kuri

Fully working discourse for the first time. Included changes are:
* Make build-time variables accessible to run-time scripts
* clean up gem tmpfiles (saving > 50MB in the finished image)
* allow redis to be enabled/disabled within the container at runtime
* allow sidekiq to be enabled / disabled within the container at runtime