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Dirk Zimoch (dirk.zimoch) wrote :

The 32 bit tool chains work on 64 bit hosts as well (as long as 32 bit libs are installed).
Much here depends on the host. I have tried to hive as much information as possible that the user has a choice. I doubt that it is possible to split the configuration in way that makes it more easy to get the correct settings. It only makes information harder to find.

Any suggestions as to where the documentation may go? I found something here: (linked from It says: "EPICS Base is very easy to build. The wheezy-raspbian distribution already has all the tools necessary to build EPICS Base. All that is necessary is to define the host architecture and then build it." But it does not say how. And it seems it refers to a native build not a cross build.

I can add an article to about how to cross compile for raspberry pi. (If you create a login for me). Then all this information including an the example config file can go there and we can leave this here out of EPICS base.

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