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Andrew Johnson (anj) wrote :

I heard back from Pete Jemian, who wrote:

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Agree that Dirk references the official RPi tools for cross-compile. I have very little experience with getting that tool chain to work and only rely on native builds for EPICS base. (Those are easy and do not require any custom files.) The abhiTronix/raspberry-pi-cross-compilers repo is very new (August 2018) with one contributor. Haven't tried this yet. This tool chain might be much easier to assemble than the official one.

The proposed changes benefit those who use cross-compilers for the RPi. If merged, the changes should not affect native builds.

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I like Michael's suggestion that a lot of this information might make more sense as a Wiki, blog or tech-talk post. Updating it then wouldn't have to synchronize with Base releases.

You might also consider splitting your CONFIG_SITE file into CONFIG_SITE.linux-x86.raspbian-arm and CONFIG_SITE.linux-x86_64.raspbian-arm where you would put all the parts specific to a 32-bit host into the first file and the 64-bit parts into the second.

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