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mdavidsaver (mdavidsaver) wrote :

> There seem to be a number of possibilities for Raspbian cross-building

Actually, there are few options for cross-compiling for Raspbian. I'm specifically referring to the Debian derived distro. Raspbian doesn't provide any "official" cross-compiler binaries. Variations on the qemu-user approach are the only ones I would expect to produce guaranteed ABI compatible binaries. There are docker/lxc approaches which might be more palatable than the manual chroot() recipe I linked.

If you aren't willing/able to use qemu-user, then I would advising using buildroot to replace the raspbian image entirely.

When evaluating a particular recipe. Look for mentions of a specific Raspbian release name/version, or copying from a live Pi. Anything else is likely to be a variation on crosstool-ng, and have the same ABI issues you've encountered.

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