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Dirk Zimoch (dirk.zimoch) wrote :

> I hadn't come across previously. Having
> seen it, I don't think I would ever use it!
> Judging by the (3 year old) commit message, these binaries are from a
> crosstool-ng built, not the native raspbian. ABI mis-matches with the raspian
> toolchain are to be expected.

There is a comment about readline in the file.

> fyi. seeing linking issues involving is a sign of mixing debian
> and non-debian builds of readline.
> If you use this toolchain then imo. full static linking (including libc) is a
> must!
> If interop with raspbian libs is desirable, then I'd suggest looking at QEMU
> user mode emulation to run the hosted toolchain.

This was the "official" cross tool chain, AFAIK.

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