Code review comment for lp:~dingqi-lxb/percona-server/5.5_log_queries_in_memory

林晓斌 (dingqi-lxb) wrote :

4)There is Query_time already, will be shown as 1.1234, in senconds, what does this Query_time mean?

6) ok, before recored it, I will check thd->server_status before. But the result of utime_of_query has to be re-calculated here all the same.

7) what does this mean?

9) Yes, the procedure of assigning event_id and putting into the list is not locked as a whole, for performance consideration. Ok, I will lock them as a whole.

10) This can not be confirmed. Because the procedre of logging into slow log and loging into memory are different plugins. Is there any proposal?

11) Because the "first" and "last" needs to be accessed at i_s_fill_table_slow_log

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