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Diego Sarmentero (diegosarmentero) wrote :

> The implications of how this might behave, frighten me a little. A video
> showing this in action in an open transfers menu, which remains open for many
> (at least 30) seconds, would be quite helpful.
> But based on the bug report, and that this code will presumably be updated
> many times while the menu is being examined by a user, it seems like the
> ordering may change. And having menu items constantly changing position would
> be quite disturbing for the user; even if the menu items are not clickable (as
> they do not seem to be).

This is the video i showed you on irc:

Take into account that i'm not deleting all the items and recreating the menu with the ones that has the highest written value, but just deleting the ones that complete the transfer, and always prioritizing the ones with the highest written value to put in those places.

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