Code review comment for lp:~diego-biurrun/hipl/unused_code

Diego Biurrun (diego-biurrun) wrote :

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 09:32:23AM +0000, Henrik Ziegeldorf wrote:
> > You're killing userspace IPsec and certificate code?
> Some of the certificate code (the X509 stuff) is used and significantly modified in my PISA branch.
> I don't use the SPKI stuff, though. However, I think there's more to remove there than proposed in this merge.
> I'd propose the following:
> 1) You prepare another merge-proposal without the certificate stuff.
> 2) I'll merge the PISA stuff (after it has been approved)
> 3) You do a second branch for removing unused certificate functionality (SPKI-related stuff), if nobody has compelling reasons to keep that stuff.

I will but it would be simpler if you guys could just approve or disapprove
certain parts directly. I have committed it in several small parts, just
go and look at the Launchpad web frontend for merge request handling.

Updated request coming up in a moment.


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