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f60711b... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Code cleanup of editcallbacks.h/.cc for more safety

108b69a... by Hombre <email address hidden>

"edit.h/.cc" splitted to limit rebuilding dependencies

d059caa... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Enhancing RTSurface: 'surface' now private

28b7856... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Allow histogram matching for YI M1 Camera (160x120 thumbs)

18598f5... by Jean-Christophe <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #5231 from Beep6581/main-cli-includes

Suppress 'rtwindow.h' from main-cli.cc

d4d5357... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

Don't apply histogram matching when thumb has less than 19200 pixels

757af31... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Suppress 'rtwindow.h' from main-cli.cc

209cc16... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Update histmatching.cc

Allow even smaller thumbs for histogram matching. Tested on Phase One 65+ files. Works fine.

1cf1e11... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Update histmatching.cc

Allow histogram matching also for small thumbs

86550c1... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Updated French translation file