Last commit made on 2021-05-28
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d5b57ef... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Replace unsupported variable with internal RT one

612a37a... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Update sleef to v2.121 and remove unnecessary functions

6e68cab... by Desmis <email address hidden>

Change range primaries ICC profile creator

6189a0e... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Prevent crash when opening Canon RP files with different crop factor. Fixes #6255

2f2720b... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Perspective tool: Strange amplification interaction with Local Adjustments, fixes #6252

c9e58fe... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

cppcheck clean rtgui/thumbnail.*

36f1300... by Lawrence Lee <email address hidden>

Fix control line edit crash when undoing history

When perspective control line editing is active and the history entry is
changed such that edit mode is automatically disabled, there is a crash.
The history change triggers a processing parameters update and disables
editing. When editing is disabled, the perspective tool also tries to
update the processing parameters, causing a double mutex lock attempt.

This commit avoids updating parameters from the perspective tool and
uses the tweak operator (introduced with the spot removal tool) to achieve
the same effect.

Closes #6251.

99f2a87... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

added matrix for Pentax K3mkIII, taken from ART

ce3ab70... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

cppcheck clean rtengine/dcrop.*

a749a1a... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

cppcheck clean rtexif/rtexif.h