Last commit made on 2020-02-04
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9a9e0ac... by Bicyclops

Bump release date to now

aa12076... by Bicyclops

Show 5.8 in splash screen

Reverts d6fb05938 for `release-5.8` branch

1ab838f... by Bicyclops

Merge branch 'dev' into release-5.8

160aae7... by Bicyclops

Polish translation updated

Updated by Bartłomiej Wiśniowski / bwisn
Closes #5631

a776953... by Beep6581 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #5629 from Benitoite/patch-19

macOS bundle update

efd28ba... by Benitoite <email address hidden>

macOS: specify certain library destinations

d6fb059... by Bicyclops

Revert version in splash screen

Revert version shown in splash screen in dev branch from "5.8"
to "5.7 development" as 5.8 is not tagged yet.

3c955e6... by Bicyclops

Preparing for release 5.8

94ed8a2... by Bicyclops

Updated appdata file for 5.8

1f0f05a... by Bicyclops

Updated splash screen

SVG splash screen template moved to splash_template.svg

splash.svg now contains just the relevant part shown by RawTherapee.

splash.svg updated for 5.8.