Last commit made on 2018-01-23
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861ff21... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'dev' into rawcrop

dc54fa0... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Better ProcEvent mechanisme to enter/leave On Preview Adjustment mode

4046a3c... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

Fixed typo

4cd1ad0... by Alberto Griggio <email address hidden>

imagefloat: correctly clip the values when outputting to 8- or 16-bit formats

Fixes #4310

9a43599... by Desmis <email address hidden>

Suppress manuel settings fot local contrsat and edge detection in wavelet

e5fe9b4... by Alberto Griggio <email address hidden>

fixed bug in setting the queue running/paused icons for METM layouts

Fixes #4323

09d020c... by Bicyclops

Added -DWITH_BENCHFUN to build-rawtherapee

bc6dad6... by Alberto Griggio <email address hidden>

histogram matching: fixed typo in calculating the crop

16c8f18... by Alberto Griggio <email address hidden>

make sure that the idle callback set by CropHandler::setDetailedCrop gets called before redraws

Fixes #4224

8e48df1... by Beep6581 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4320 from TooWaBoo/dev

Update TooWaBlue theme v2.62