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bc2e4cd... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Fix scaling of waveform, parade and scopes - cast from integer to float/double

8116678... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Fix RGB bar readout in log-log mode, re-enable horizontal gridlines

2e58bae... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Fix the L and chroma curves

20fe5cb... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Make all histograms scale according to bitdepth

65ff20a... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Actually enable forwarding + verbose message

3707d21... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Expose bitdepth to HistogramArea

a11dffd... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Expose bitdepth to ImProcCoordinator

df60590... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Rethought drawing raw and non-raw histogram. Removed padddding. Minor other changes.

dd95f6b... by Thanatomanic <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'dev' into histogram-improved

94f54b6... by Desmis <email address hidden>

Local adjustments - Denoise and Guided Filter - Recovery based on luminance mask (#6032)

* Slider recovery threshold guidedfilter

* Enable GuidedFilter recovery based on mask

* Enable inverse GF recovery

* Small changes GUI

* Recovery GUI denoise LA

* Enable recovery denoise with mask luminance

* Fixed bad compilation error

* Fixed bad behavior GUI expert - basic

* Another fixed bad behavior GUI

* First changes and verifications algo and GUI

* Others GUI modifications

* Fixed bug compilation and reset and clean code

* Some changes in algo - new tooltip

* Added calcdif to denoise - prepare GUI - change some tooltips

* Change tooltips

* Change some settings

* Small Change settings default curve denoise