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500fac3... by Hombre <email address hidden>

The svg2png icon cache is now cleared on new minor version

The `version` value from the `Options` file is compared to the harcoded
value (computed at build time) of the running application. If the major
or minor version is different, the `svg2png` folder is cleaned at

d0c6440... by Bicyclops

Suppress debug output in CA correction

Debug output still visible in verbose mode.

Closes #5437

20ca494... by Bicyclops

Improve SAMSUNG EX2F support #1897

Improved raw crop eliminates white border on ISO >=800 shots, lower ISO
shots did not exhibit white border.

Patch by Ingo Weyrich

6607b57... by Beep6581 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #5430 from Entropy512/smooth_scroll

Smooth scrolling improvements

ad06993... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'rotationusedtocrash' into dev

e9ac64a... by Roel Baars <email address hidden>

Fixes #5436

ce04447... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Fix crash while rotating several thumbnails in File Browser

Fix issue #4858 and possibly #5310

bb97a30... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Update rawimagesource.cc

Enable parallel decoding for Hasselblad H6D-100cMS pixelshift frames

5ea18ef... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

RT crashes on loading Hasselblad H6D-100cMS pixelshift files, fixes #5433

1a6d1b0... by Andrew Dodd

rtgui/cropwindow: Improve behavior with smooth scrolling devices

Accumulate/coalesce GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH events until we equal or exceed +/-1.0

This avoids having one zoom adjustment for every single event which makes touchpad zooming unusable due to frequent
small deltas

This makes trackpad zooming usable while having no effect on mice that emit GDK_SMOOTH_SCROLL with values of +/-1.0 instead

If any mice exist that have scroll wheel detents but emit smaller values per detent, this may have the negative effect of
requiring multiple detents per zoom level. It remains to be seen whether any mice behave like this. The discrete step
implementation of zoomSteps requires us to coalesce events instead of smoothly zooming in and out.