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794a4e7... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

bilateral: bugfix and speedup for blOper5

286bb39... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

Bilateral: Let name of coefficentes reflect the distance to centre point. Fixed bug in bilateral07

07d5a1e... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Converted `BL_OPER5` (#3656)

0d9a642... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Use std::unique_ptr<> to hold `bilateral` and inline `ec` filling (#3656)

7b2fc68... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

some changes to bilateral code

57b8e1c... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

Fixed old bug in bilateral code

0d89276... by heckflosse <email address hidden>

bilateral: One LUT instead of one LUT per thread, cleaned blOper3()

d87ab5c... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Cleanup and new base for `bilateral()`

- Un-templated `bilateral()` as it was only used with `float`
- Moved it into a class, so that we can precompute things as members
- Made it a pimpl to relax dependencies
- `const`ified things
- Turned `BL_OPER3` into a member function

This is just a start, and in fact slower than the original.

c4a0604... by Bicyclops

Updated release notes to describe development versions.

50114c1... by Bicyclops

Merge branch 'master' into gtk3