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0ab5af4... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Moving labgrid.h/cc to custom-widgets folder

7aae9b5... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Redirecting includes in moved files

0d18352... by Hombre <email address hidden>

8 files moved in subdirectories

867a05f... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Restructured `rtgui` source tree (#4299)

6b93927... by Beep6581 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4742 from Beep6581/nrpref

Removes Noise Reduction settings from Preferences

df1dc43... by Beep6581 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4766 from TooWaBoo/dev

Update TooWaBlue theme v2.73

09e9705... by TooWaBoo <email address hidden>

Update TooWaBlue theme v2.73

Some fine tuning

b26ea95... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Bit-depth detection from RT-cli now more bulletproof (see #2357)

Thanks to Beep6581 for the fix

5cc53a4... by Bicyclops

Use hard-coded NR default settings #4327

Now the hard-coded default values of the Noise Reduction settings which
were removed from Preferences are used, instead of reading them from
the options file.

Reverted accidentally-deleted "preview demosaicing method" setting.

5c10e19... by Hombre <email address hidden>

Fix wrong bit-depth detection from RT-cli (see #2357)