Last commit made on 2020-12-17
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dc7d014... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Small improvement for "Crop"

12d30be... by rom9 <email address hidden>

FilmNegative: avoided reading `refOutput` from adjusters when they're still hidden.
Reset the `paramsUpgraded` flag on each param read. It would stay set after jumping back in the history, thus causing the `backCompat` param to be changed on a subsequent write, even though filmneg processing was not performed.

b3ce790... by Ingo Weyrich <email address hidden>

Resize tool: increase precision of scale adjuster

b31a6ef... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Possible fix for `Resize::write()`

004792d... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Fix ResizeParams defaults

89f2d2b... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Fix WaveletParams defaults

7490097... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Fix ColorAppearanceParams defaults

997f96f... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Fix FilmNegativeParams and DirPyrDenoiseParams defaults

3bce4ac... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Don't compare old and new params, if `options.autoenable` is `false`

62c1064... by =?utf-8?q?Fl=C3=B6ssie?= <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'dev' into autoenable2