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898050d... by aferrero on 2019-08-02

[build] added -Wno-deprecated-register compiler falg

c9172ba... by aferrero on 2019-08-02

[build] fixed compiler warning

81c602c... by aferrero on 2019-08-02

[build] fixed fatal compiler warning

6180401... by aferrero on 2019-07-24

[base] added multi-platform implementation of aligned malloc

dbdd3a9... by aferrero on 2019-07-24

[tools/raw processing] fixed output of X-trans demosaicing

The output was broken due to recent changes to
introduced when integrating librtprocess

5696584... by aferrero on 2019-07-24

[build] fixed warnings due to missing check of return values.

d316a40... by aferrero on 2019-07-24

[gui] improved image closing

The message dialog that warns the user when the
image being closed contains unsaved data has been improved.
Now it provides an option to "cancel" the closing process,
and go back to the edited image.

Additionally, if the user decides to save the file
but then decides to cancel the save process by clicking
on the "Cancel" button of the file dialog,
the closing process is cancelled as if the user had
selected "Cancel" in the first message dialog.

f9214e6... by aferrero on 2019-07-22

Removed verbose console messages

788578b... by aferrero on 2019-07-22

[tools/raw processing] added initial LibRTprocess support

c6bd6c3... by aferrero on 2019-07-20

[base] fixed fatal compilation warnings