Last commit made on 2015-03-08
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197c70d... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Minimum file descriptor set to 3 when closing of opened files at end of execution

fb55af9... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Renamed split_details as "Multi-level decomposition" and moved it into "Details" tab

01c2be1... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Fixed handling of cached buffers

2167187... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Added verbosity to Pipeline::set_images()

2d3350a... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Added verbosity to Pipeline::set_image()

c4a96c7... by aferrero on 2015-03-08

Fixed normalization of GMIC input/output images for split_details

a0b9cfc... by aferrero on 2015-03-07

Updated G'MIC command for split details tool

59e3657... by aferrero on 2015-03-06

Added preliminary GMIC split details tool

9a61494... by aferrero on 2015-03-06

Fixed missed cloning of sub-image #0

9219c4a... by aferrero on 2015-03-06

OSX debugging