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cc33c6f... by aferrero on 2017-11-24

[tools/tone mapping] added curve representation of tone mapping function

a06b96d... by aferrero on 2017-11-24

[tools/raw processing] improved demosaicing quality in highlights clipping mode

9275823... by aferrero on 2017-11-23

[tools/raw developer] Added initial implementation of RCD demosaicing

fb29672... by aferrero on 2017-11-18

[tools/desaturate] improved speed of luminance method

f8a7a56... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[travis ci] updated OSX configuration

439b39d... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[base] fixed Jpeg export

42b4ae8... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[tools/image reader] added fallback sRGB mode for embedded input profile

44d286c... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[base] added LCH blend modes

4dfc85f... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[base] removed clipping in luminance blend

0602e3b... by aferrero on 2017-11-17

[travis ci] updated OSX configuration