Last commit made on 2015-01-12
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3b4a6f9... by aferrero on 2015-01-12

Improved CloneStamp tool. Added experimental support for optical corrections via LensFun.

83112c7... by aferrero on 2015-01-06

Fixed properties handling in crop tool

626acaf... by aferrero on 2015-01-06

Re-enabled gtkmm-3.x

66cc2d8... by aferrero on 2015-01-06

Fixed compilation for gtkmm-2.x

d5af9d4... by aferrero on 2015-01-06

Temporarly disabled GTKMM-3.x

e1e6f84... by aferrero on 2015-01-05

Improved cropping tool. Changed foreground extraction tool to generate blending mask. Added layer shifting and blending of images of different size.

3720f97... by aferrero on 2015-01-03

Removed invert executable definition

602a207... by aferrero on 2015-01-03

Added debugging output

d2b3f90... by aferrero on 2015-01-03

Fixed color setting for grayscale colorspace

64a9d3f... by aferrero on 2015-01-03

Fixed gmic definition file path under windows