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Refer to backports process in packaging guide.

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Andrew Starr-Bochicchio (andrewsomething) wrote :

I went ahead and landed this, but it would probably be nice to include a link to and maybe a discussion of the `backportpackage` command from ubuntu-dev-tools.

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6+Backporting software updates
9+Sometimes you might want to make new functionality available in a stable
10+release which is not connected to a critical bug fix. For these scenarios
11+you have two options: either you `upload to a PPA
12+<>`_ or prepare a backport.
15+Personal Package Archive (PPA)
18+Using a PPA has a number of benefits. It is fairly straight-forward, you
19+don't need approval of anyone, but the downside of it is that your users will
20+have to manually enable it. It is a non-standard software source.
22+The `PPA documentation on Launchpad`_ is fairly comprehensive and should get
23+you up and running in no time.
25+.. _PPA documentation on Launchpad:
28+Official Ubuntu Backports
31+The Backports Project is a means to provide new features to users. Because of
32+the inherent stability risks in backporting packages, users do not get
33+backported packages without some explicit action on their part. This
34+generally makes backports an inappropriate avenue for fixing bugs. If a
35+package in an Ubuntu release has a bug, it should be fixed either through the
36+:doc:`Security Update or the Stable Release Update
37+process<./security-and-stable-release-updates>`, as appropriate.
39+Once you determined you want a package to be backported to a stable release,
40+you will need to test-build and test it on the given stable release.
41+``pbuilder-dist`` (in the ``ubuntu-dev-tools`` package) is a very handy tool
42+to do this easily.
44+To report the backport request and get it processed by the Backporters team,
45+you can use the ``requestbackport`` tool (also in the ``ubuntu-dev-tools``
46+package). It will determine the intermediate releases that package needs to
47+be backported to, list all reverse-dependencies, and file the backporting
48+request. Also will it include a testing checklist in the bug.
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54 security-and-stable-release-updates
55 patches-to-packages
56 libraries
57+ backports
59 Knowledge Base
60 --------------


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