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Chris Johnston (cjohnston) wrote :

I mentioned it on IRC one day, and I'll ask here also. Why do we need to pull a users TZ?

Use case: We pull my TZ. It's -4. I am over in Germany, and while I'm there I decide to go to an event with Daniel. I go to LD, register to attend the event, and it shows me the time in a -4 TZ. What good will that do me? I now have to convert the time from my local TZ to the correct TZ in Germany.

The event time should be based upon the TZ the the event is located in (the venue's location) and not upon the TZ of the user. There could possibly be two entries, the TZ in which the event is located and the users home TZ, but that just seems to be adding extra things that don't need to be there. I may be way off with my thinking and would enjoy seeing more feedback, but this is how I understand the way the new system is going to work, and I dont think it's the best way for it to work.

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