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4@@ -1,6 +1,66 @@
5 Welcome to Help for Ubuntu devices!
6 ===================================
8+What are we doing here?
11+In a conversation amongst Ubuntu phone enthusiasts, we decided we wanted to
12+create a good way in which we can aggregate information, tips and tricks and
13+suggestions for using Ubuntu devices (like the phone or a tablet) easily.
15+The end result being new Ubuntu users who can
17+ * find out more about how to use their phone
18+ * quickly be more productive
19+ * find new things
20+ * get started easily because the information is available in their language
22+Thanks a lot for your interest in helping out!
25+How does this all work?
28+Our work-flow is a bit special, so bear with us for a while. If you just want
29+to start adding content, skip this section. The sections below should
30+probably be enough for that.
32+We had a couple of requirements when we started this project:
34+ * easy to add/modify content (we decided to use Markdown)
35+ * easy to translate content (we decided to use Launchpad)
36+ * easy to create different builds (one for the phone, one for an online
37+ site, like *
39+On the way to implementing all of the above, we settled on a mixture of
40+pelican and po4a on the content side, the Ubuntu HTML5 UI toolkit and
41+the Ubuntu Web Guidelines on the display side.
43+ * po4a is used to extract translatable messages from the Markdown
44+ content, so that we can get .pot and .po files which are understood by
45+ Launchpad. We also use po4a to generate translated Markdown files.
46+ * pelican takes care of generating HTML from the translated Markdown
47+ files. It can build into different output directories, using different
48+ themes, which is very handy in our case.
49+ * The Ubuntu HTML5 UI toolkit is used for the phone app.
50+ * The Ubuntu Web Guidelines for the build which we will put up on an
51+ Ubuntu site very soon.
54+Directory structure
58+├── app ← Everything related to the devices app.
59+│   └── www ← The viewable content of the app.
60+└── edit-here
61+    ├── content
62+    │   └── pages ← Here is the place to edit the content.
63+    ├── po ← Translations.
64+    └── themes ← Themes files, both templates and css/js.
65+       ├── phone ← Phone/device app theme.
66+       └── web ← Online build ( theme.
69 Prerequisites
70 -------------
71@@ -10,6 +70,9 @@
72 sudo apt install python-pelican po4a make bzr \
73 ubuntu-html5-ui-toolkit python3-polib
75+This will install the necessary files, so you can build the app or web build
76+locally and check if your changes actually make sense and look and work well.
79 Editing
80 -------
81@@ -17,7 +80,7 @@
82 This app is structured in a very simple way. All the content is and all your
83 edits happen in
85- ./edit-here/content/
86+ ./edit-here/content/pages/
88 The markup for the text is Markdown, which is very easy to learn. Just have
89 a look at and some of the
90@@ -56,6 +119,10 @@
92 Find the resulting files in ./web in the top-level directory.
94+We plan to make use of
95+ for publishing
96+this on the web.
99 Code, bugs, etc.
100 ----------------
101@@ -71,6 +138,6 @@
102 make update-pot
104 If you want to get help with the app or anything else, ask the fine folks
105-in #ubuntu-app-devel - for example dholbach, mhall119 or dpm.
106+in #ubuntu-app-devel - for example dholbach, balloons or dpm.
108 Thanks a lot for helping out!


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