Last commit made on 2011-11-25
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6892834... by Damien Churchill

web: minor IE compatibility change

609f54a... by Damien Churchill

css: move icons out to their own stylesheet

fa08f7d... by Damien Churchill

details: add the missing items to the details tab

The web interface was missing the Owner and Shared items
that have been added to the gtk ui. Add these to bring the web
interface up to scratch.

a910378... by Damien Churchill

details: complete the status tab

Fix the remaining data items so they display correctly and tweak
the spacing to make the view a little more pleasant on the eye

4a43d6a... by Damien Churchill

data: fix type for progress column

1837d83... by Damien Churchill

web: few sidebar fixes

e3e20aa... by Damien Churchill

web: fix using wrong Resource class

The Tracker class was still using the Resource class from Twisted instead
of our own subclass that adds some fun stuff :-)

c865486... by Damien Churchill

web: add more jokey headers

c06d4df... by Damien Churchill

web: add a fun header

Add a jokey powered by header for people who like to
look at that sort of thing :-)

c405425... by Damien Churchill

web: fix details tab taking a while to update

Somewhere the handler for the torrent grid selection change
got removed during the upgrade to ext-4, add it back so the
details tab updating becomes instant once more.