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39bd97f... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[Core] Fix getting libtorrent alert type

Encountered a problem with dht_error alert not returning the correct
alert name using Python type.

This should likely be fixed in libtorrent but we should be using
the alert.what method to determine alert type/name.

Since the alert name does not include the `_alert` suffix, strip this
when registering alerts.

196086c... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[Core] Refactor alert handler for readability

527cfa5... by gazpachoking

[Tests] Autorun async tests with pytest_twisted.

Since all of our async tests should be run with twisted, it's
annoying to have to decorate them with pytest_twisted.ensureDeferred.
Forgetting to do this will cause the test to pass without actually
running. This changes the behavior to detect all coroutine function
tests and mark them to be run by pytest_twisted the same way the
decorator does.


25a2b11... by DjLegolas <email address hidden>

[Component] Add pause and resume events methods

For future use add ability to handle pause and resume events

Co-authored-by: Calum Lind <email address hidden>

c38b4c7... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[Tests] Refactor component tests for readability

Modified test functions to be async.

Used pytest_twisted_ensuredeferred_for_class decorator to avoid needed
ensureDeferred for each test within the class. There might be a way to
do this with fixtures so likely to be improvements for use in all test

Used Mock in component subclass for simpler tracking of event method calls

0745c0e... by DjLegolas <email address hidden>

[Component] Refactor to remove hasattr usage

Functions are defined in the class now

e90f6c7... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[Tests] Use tmp_path for test logfile

Daemon logfile were being stored in dir where tests were started from
which cluttered up local dev env.

Entry point logfiles are stored in config dir since getting tmp_path in
set_up was a bit too tricky.

7b1a0ef... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[Tests] Fix error in TestJSONRequestFailed test

Fix test generating following error

    'TestJSONRequestFailed' object has no attribute 'core'

75b2748... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

Add metainfo.xml to gitignore

a64cdfa... by Calum Lind <email address hidden>

[GtkUI] Enable remapping of keyboard shortcuts

With key shortcuts set in the glade files it is not easy to change
the shortcuts on macOS.

Add AccelPaths to each MenuItem to allow adding or modifying accelerator
in codes. Uses the recommended format `<Deluge-MainWindow>/MenuName`

Update menubar code to use new functionality, taking advantage of
accelerator_parse to specify accelerators as strings instead of Gdk

A future idea would be to use `Gtk.AccelMap.load` to have shortcuts
loaded from user config.

Co-authored-by: Gregorio Litenstein <email address hidden>