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15805b1... by Julian Andres Klode

Release 1.4.0~beta2ubuntu1

5cdc35c... by Julian Andres Klode

data/templates/ Add artful template

fc4976f... by Julian Andres Klode

Fix AppKeyIdTo[o]ShortError

Missed an o

Reported-By: jrtc27 on IRC
Gbp-Dch: ignore

f094b8e... by Julian Andres Klode

apt.auth: Fix check of fingerprint length

We only checked for 20 bytes (160/8), but the fingerprint
is base64 encoded, so it should be 40 bytes long. Also take
care of stripping a prefix and spaces for the comparison.

Reported-by: jrtc27 on IRC

d5f1234... by Julian Andres Klode

Release 1.4.0~beta2

7d14fdc... by Julian Andres Klode

Skip os-release test for now

The test was added with the os-release integration, but fails
somewhere in lsb_release - returning Debian instead of Ubuntu,
seemingly ignoring the lsb-release file set via environment.

Closes: #851039

7da8cb6... by Martin Pitt

data/templates/ Add zesty template

(cherry-picked from Ubuntu upload 1.1.0~beta5ubuntu1)

b4bd83f... by Julian Andres Klode

templates: Debian: Add stretch

17fe61c... by Julian Andres Klode Allow skipping PEP 8 tests.

Gbp-Dch: ignore

cd8f1d4... by Julian Andres Klode

Release 1.4~beta1