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8613225... by Julian Andres Klode

Check for and discard expected warning from MaybeAddAuth

MaybeAddAuth() here tells us that it refused to use the credentials
for an http source; but that caused the test suite to fail at a later
stage because we checked if there were any errors/warning. Strangely,
this is only triggered with LTO enabled.

Actually check that the warning is being set and then reject it.

0d25ce3... by David Kalnischkies

Harden test for no new acquires after transaction abort

If a transaction is doomed we want to gracefully shutdown our zoo of
worker processes. As explained in the referenced commit we do this by
stopping the main process from handing out new work and ignoring the
replies it gets from the workers, so that they eventually run out of

We tested this previously by checking if a rred worker was given work
items at all, but depending on how lucky the stars of the machine
working on this are the worker would have already gotten work before the
transaction was aborted – so we tried this 25 times a row (f35601e5d2).
No machine can be this lucky, right?

Turns out the autopkgtest armhf machine is very lucky.

I feel a bit sorry for feeding grep such a long "line" to work with, but
it seems to work out. Porterbox amdahl (who is considerably less lucky;
had to turn down to 1 try to get it to fail sometimes) is now happily
running the test in an endless loop.

Of course, I could have broken the test now, but its still a rather
generic grep (in some ways more generic even) and the main part of the
testcase – the update process finishes and fails – is untouched.

References: 38f8704e419ed93f433129e20df5611df6652620
Closes: #984966

ade9d3c... by Julian Andres Klode

Release 2.3.0

fbc06b3... by Julian Andres Klode

Merge branch 'fix/rredemptypatches' into 'master'

Deal with rred shortcomings around empty patch files

See merge request apt-team/apt!159

2a81f98... by David Kalnischkies

Ensure all index files sent custom tags to the methods

The mirror method can distribute requests for files based on various
metadata bits, but some – the main index files – weren't actually
passing those on to the methods as advertised in the manpage.

This is hidden both by mirror usually falling back to other sources
which will eventually hit the right one and that if the repository does
not support by-hash apt will automatically stick to the mirror which was
used for the Release file.

5993393... by David Kalnischkies

Start pdiff patching from the last possible starting point

Especially in small sections of an archive it can happen that an index
returns to a previous state (e.g. if a package was first added and then
removed with no other changes happening in between). The result is that
we have multiple patches which start from the same hash which if we
perform clientside merging is no problem although not ideal as we
perform needless work.

For serverside merging it would not matter, but due to rred previously
refusing to merge zero-size patches but dak ignoring failure letting it
carry these size-zero patches until they naturally expire we run into a
problem as these broken patches won't do and force us to fall back to
downloading the entire index. By always starting from the last patch
instead of the first with the starter hash we can avoid this problem
and behave optimally in clientside merge cases, too.

246f665... by David Kalnischkies

Rename pdiff merge patches only after they are all downloaded

The rred method expects the patches to have a certain name, which we
have to rename the file to before calling the method, but by delaying
the rename we ensure that if the download of one of them fails and a
successful fallback occurs they are all properly cleaned up as no longer
useful while in the error case the next apt run can potentially pick
them up as already downloaded.

Our test-pdiff-usage test was encountering this every other run, but did
not fail as the check for unaccounted files in partial/ was wrapped
in a subshell so that the failure produced failing output, but did not
change the exit code.

9bd2703... by David Kalnischkies

Allow merging with empty pdiff patches

There isn't a lot of sense in working on empty patches as they change
nothing (quite literally), but they can be the result of merging
multiple patches and so to not require our users to specifically detect
and remove them, we can be nice and just ignore them instead of erroring

3a7aecd... by Julian Andres Klode

Revert "Branch of as 2.2.y for bullseye"

This reverts commit d96c9a0280bffcfb0f4a319e003e9af60c6cfaf1.
It is not correct for master.

757304c... by Julian Andres Klode

Merge tag '2.2.1'

apt Debian release 2.2.1