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e676f71... by Michael Vogt

releasing package apt version

b0fa553... by Michael Vogt

import framework and disable not-relevant tests

e64b648... by Michael Vogt

merge fix from sid to make test-compressed-indexes work again

3f7c0d7... by Michael Vogt

add missing configcompression

3fa61cd... by Michael Vogt

Fix regression for file:/// uris from CVE-2014-0487

Do not run ReverifyAfterIMS() for local file URIs as this will
causes apt to mess around in the file:/// uri space. This is
wrong in itself, but it will also cause a incorrect verification
failure when the archive and the lists directory are on different
partitions as rename().

33cb8ac... by Michael Vogt


7567b2a... by Michael Vogt

merge upload

4a76005... by Michael Vogt

merge upload

9ecf3eb... by Michael Vogt


dec5b11... by Michael Vogt

* apt-pkg/algorithms.cc:
  - Do not propagate negative scores from rdepends. Propagating the absolute
    value of a negative score may boost obsolete packages and keep them
    installed instead of installing their successors. (Closes: #699759)