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7042877... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-18

test/TEST-01-BASIC: also install testsuite.target

This test doesn't require the tests to be installed, so it must manually
install required test services and targets itself, including the default
target of testsuite.target

d420664... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-18

test/run-integration-tests.sh: adjust arg processing

The current logic strips '\bclean\b' but also by default includes
'clean-again', which results in failure when it tries to run make with
the target '-again'.

The goal of the current logic is to perform 'clean' on all tests first,
then run the tests, then 'clean-again' on all tests last, instead of
running clean and/or clean-again for each test. So, this adjusts the
logic to pull out the 'clean' and 'clean-again' targets from $args
and run each target separately, if appropriate.

6acbd16... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test: allow run-integration-tests.sh to run without build

835e084... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test/test-functions: allow installing systemd files from local system

Add NO_BUILD var to allow testing with no local build, by installing
local systemd files into the image.

This only works for debian-like distros currently, that use the
tools 'apt' and 'dpkg' for package management.

669efe7... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test: find $BUILD_DIR in test-functions, remove from other scripts

The $BUILD_DIR is only used in test-functions, and doesn't need to
be specified in any other scripts. Additionally, to be able to allow
the integration test suite to be run against locally installed binaries,
instead of built binaries, moving BUILD_DIR logic completely into
test-functions allows later patches to be simpler.

eeb782b... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test/test-functions: move var assignment

This makes no code change, only moves a small block of vars higher in the
file. This makes the next commit a bit easier to read.

a635eec... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test: remove unused 'basedir' var from integration test makefiles

ac0d5e4... by Dan Streetman on 2020-11-17

test: remove need for $TEST_BASE_DIR

1a0cc4c... by Dan Streetman on 2020-08-13

save link activation policy to state file and display in networkctl

0a7c3df... by Dan Streetman on 2020-06-18

test: add ActivationPolicy= unit tests