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66dd037... by Dan Streetman

setting ipmi cipher ACLs via ipmitool broken

need to +=, not =

LP: #1916860

Signed-off-by: Dan Streetman <email address hidden>

0125208... by Lee Trager

LP: #1916093 - Fix adding more than one Proxmox BMC and add chassis support

7684b4d... by Alberto Donato

Add a "resources" key to pod websocket details.

Only include detailed VM host resources info when not in listing.
This is used to differentiate info returned by the websocket handler between
listing and detailed view.

d51aff4... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to b4a2d48
Add CentOS login name nuances to Troubleshooting page (i.e., CentOS 7 = centos, CentOS 8 = cloud-user); also added hint to try root@ to get a hint for correct username

008906d... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 3baa4dd
feat(ui): edit aliases and vlans form

Add a form to edit aliases and vlans on the network tab.

Fixes: #2225.

ddbdad6... by Alberto Donato

compute aggregated counts for VM interfaces VF count instead of iterating

fc8edca... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to c04a837
fix(ui): get betterer working again

Update betterer to 4.0.1 to get it working again.

Fixes: #2296.

6b02e82... by Lee Trager

Stop a partition before starting a paused or terminated partition.

When an IBM Z partition goes into a paused or terminated state it must be
stopped before it can be started. MAAS has to hold a thread on the rack
controller when this is detected while waiting for the partition to stop
before it can issue the start call. This isn't ideal and IBM is aware we
would like it changed.

9e83c52... by Lee Trager

LP: #1887558 - Condense LUNs when detected by commissioning.

Multipath devices are shown on Linux and detected by LXD as one block
device per path. There is still only one backing block device, just
multiple ways to get to it. If the block device is a multipath device the
device_path will contain what LUN it belongs to. Each LUN is unique to the
backing device. When this is detected condense all paths into one block
device for MAAS to model. On deployment Curtin will detect this is a
multipath device and configure it properly.

4331cd3... by Alberto Donato

add VM counts for VM host resources, get global counters from aggregated query