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a3de0e1... by Dan Streetman

BMC config: fix usage of ipmi cipher_privs

Partially fix bmc assuming of only a single 802.3 LAN channel,
though the script still assumes it's the first channel found when
iterating from 0 (which is a wrong assumption)

Also fix usage of ipmitool cipher_privs mask

And remove the cipher_privs disabling, to prevent future breakage,
as it doesn't actually improve security

LP: #1916860

Signed-off-by: Dan Streetman <email address hidden>

7278a24... by Alberto Donato

combine kernel commandline options node from all associated tags

4518fcf... by Alberto Donato

also update machine cores and memory when a VM host is refreshed

cf1b77d... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 7729267
feat(ui): add a switch form component

Add a component for handling switches in formes.

Fixes: #2319.

b3a8db5... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to 825092e
fix(ui): fix interfaces with multiple children

Correctly check interfaces for bond or bridge children.

Fixes: #2318.

6b388e2... by Huw Wilkins

Update maas-ui to df551e6
fix(ui): update network checkboxes to handle links and nics

Update the selected state of the network checkboxes to store the nic and link ids.

Fixes: #2315.

f6ee86d... by Bill Wear

Update maas-offline-docs to 8694f00
Remove references to pinning NUMA nodes from VM hosting page

00de313... by Lee Trager

LP: #1916860 - Check for gaps in supported ciphers when using ipmitool

When ipmitool was being used to configure IPMI ciphers MAAS wasn't
accounting for BMCs which omit support for certain ciphers. In this
case the setting string MAAS uses to enable ciphers was offset which
resulted in the wrong ciphers being enabled and disabled.

88a31ee... by Björn Tillenius

Drop RegionController.refresh(), since it's unused.

ca9bd81... by Alberto Donato

add list of tracked VMs to detailed VM host info

This also filters VMs included in NUMA node info to only consider ones in the
tracked project