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2911719... by Dan Streetman

install linux-modules-extra-*

some tests use modules contained in this extra deb, which doesn't get
installed when testing with custom kernels. (LP: #1847816)

not all flavors provide a modules-extra package, so failure to install
the modules-extra pkg is ignored.

9bfb4f4... by Iain Lane

Revert "Revert "worker: Pervent apt-get pattern matching for kernel packages""

OK, it was apparently fine all along!

This reverts commit a339e9dc4861496d2f15d121c0830ff7104a9a89.

a339e9d... by Iain Lane

Revert "worker: Pervent apt-get pattern matching for kernel packages"

This reverts commit 8a725957f52e60234ff520dbdea13777e4029758.

There's an escaping or similar problem which causes this to not work.

8a72595... by Seth Forshee

worker: Pervent apt-get pattern matching for kernel packages

Kernel packages may have . characters in their names, which
will trigger treating the name as a regex if no package is an
exact match. This can lead to unintended installation of
packages. To avoid this, escape the flavor string extracted from
the trigger, and surround the package names with ^ and $ to force
exact matches.

Signed-off-by: Seth Forshee <email address hidden>

aad1677... by Iain Lane

worker: Don't elif too much

83e55b0... by Iain Lane

worker: Fix pep8 over-indented continuation line

f4609c2... by Iain Lane

worker: Use elif more in kernel flavor hacks

We can avoid some work that way

ee99886... by Iain Lane

worker: Add a comment explaining OEM kernel naming scheme

340b5ef... by Iain Lane

worker: Fix python for startswith on a range

It's not a regex, we have to supply the literals.

d4c54bf... by Timo Aaltonen

worker: Support oem kernel with a version number embedded

From focal on, the oem kernels have a version string like hwe kernels.
Also consider that oem-osp1 is still a thing, can't just match "-oem".