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b1f507b... by David Della Vecchia on 2016-09-21

Imported Upstream version 1.10.0

fa4f46e... by Monty Taylor on 2013-06-11

Remove explicit depend on distribute.

Things in the world are moving towards setuptools 0.7, and
there is not a path between distribute and setuptools. Our explicit
dependency on setuptools is causing us to have to write patches to
try to jump through additional hoops to get it to install in the
right contexts.

Fixes bug 1189941

Change-Id: Id7a749c02203100dab52160a551d3548c8a48fd6

6c91a6f... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2013-06-11

Merge "Use pip instead of easy_install for installation."

d1c53dd... by Monty Taylor on 2013-06-05

Use pip instead of easy_install for installation.

If we're running the installation of dependencies for installation
ourselves anyway - just use pip and be done with it. This means
that our requirements will get installed consistently regardless of
whether we're using pip, python setup.py install or a tox environment.

Change-Id: If92557a33a76553ad36bd136fa87780857a894b1

a793ea1... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2013-06-10

Merge "Skip git-checkout related tests when .git is missing"

6c27ce7... by Dirk Mueller on 2013-06-10

Skip git-checkout related tests when .git is missing

When running tests from the released tarballs, the
AUTHORs related checks are failing due to missing .git
directory and the fallout caused by it.

Change-Id: Ic960863621f1b239ced299f892466537431d44d5

04984a5... by Monty Taylor on 2013-05-30

Refactor hooks file.

It was long and rambly. It's also in need of unittesting. So split
it into some classes so that we can test the inputs and outputs
more sensibly.

Change-Id: I3d28f5771e38b819f98a9af06aeb06529be7b302

a65e8ee... by Monty Taylor on 2013-06-06

Remove jinja pin.

Change-Id: Id5154c120aad2b12ebbc2963466b0d3e961e56db

c1c3aa1... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2013-06-05

Merge "Explicitly install install_requires."

850cdd1... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2013-06-05

Merge "More python3 compatibility."