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497bf3f... by Thomas Goirand <email address hidden> on 2015-03-02

Added python-markupsafe and python3-markupsafe as build-depends.

43d10c6... by Thomas Goirand on 2014-10-14

Now packaging 0.10.0

93d53d4... by Thomas Goirand on 2014-10-14

Merge tag '0.10.0' into debian/experimental

0.10.0 stop 2.7 requirements filtering

f0afdc7... by Thomas Goirand on 2014-10-14

Using debian/experimental as packaging branch in debian/gbp.conf

ee94082... by Monty Taylor on 2014-07-21

Remove all 2.7 filtering

ordereddict and importlib used to break when attempted to install
on python 2.7 - but this situation seems to have improved in
modern pip/setuptools. Remove the logic and support for this.

Change-Id: I49d9c9ee3108ad7ec9537f3fcec62e84d4de1680

c2aab3b... by Monty Taylor on 2014-07-21

Stop filtering out argparse

Back in the day, attempting to install argparse on python 2.7 would
result in failure, as the setup.py of argparse failed hard if it was
attempted. That seems to be fixed, and when we do filter it out of
the list now, we cause problems with python 2.6 and wheels (if we make
a wheel on 2.6 and it depends on argparse, the pbr code means that
argparse doesn't get added properly)

Remove the filtering so that our wheels can be universal.

Closes-bug: #1346357
Change-Id: I49d539ac6fb8ee75f8d32fdfbd20129b13d36499

8d4c553... by Doug Hellmann on 2014-07-10

Remove mirror testing from the integration script

We don't need to test the mirroring tool in this integration script any
more, because we're using a different tool to build the mirror now

Change-Id: I1a3f739a9530f4f5cce18f64b0705ae9ae77704d

e1b98f5... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2014-06-30

Merge "Check for git before querying it for a version"

fa17f42... by Robert Collins <email address hidden> on 2014-03-16

Allow examining parsing exceptions.

Having to put breakpoints in pbr to diagnose issues is bad for dealing
with reports from users.

Change-Id: Ifecf4c4e4bb5955e0e5feb4bf5b5b85150b08ebe

d815366... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2014-06-27

Merge "Un-nest some sections of code"