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Recent revisions

45. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

resizable graph column

44. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

reorganise branch window

Make the panning more obvious by moving the buttons outside of the top
pane and having a inset frame filling the whole bottom pane.

Make the bottom pane scrollable as a whole, so more space is available
to see long commit messages and so pathological revisions with many
parents do not prevent seeing the commit message.

43. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

parent buttons look like buttons, some layout changes

42. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

rename --maxnum to --limit

41. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

restore --maxnum functionality, reflush some comments

40. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

remove --robust, pyflakes fixes, update README

Thanks to Robert Collins' new graphing logic, the --robust option is
no longer needed to prevent extreme graph width on broken branches.
That allows removing a bunch of flaky code.

Remove a few spurious imports (thanks to pyflakes).

Update README to request bzr>=0.8.

39. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

[merge] jaq titlebar improvements

38. By David Allouche on 2006-05-08

[merge] lifeless graphing and performance improvements

37. By David Allouche on 2006-03-26

early exit accurate sorting when maxnum is set

36. By Jamie Wilkinson on 2006-03-10

patch from Aaron Bentley to lock the repository to boost performance getting single revisions

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