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Recent revisions

1583. By David Allouche on 2006-01-18

calltree output from lsprof

1582. By Martin Pool on 2006-01-18

[merge] goffredo's fetch/clone improvements

These speed up the operations by peeking into the inventory weave to see which
files are affected without extracting every inventory version.

1581. By Martin Pool on 2006-01-13

[merge] test_hashcache_raise from Denys

1580. By Martin Pool on 2006-01-13

[merge] Hold locks around diff to prevent thrashing stat-cache (Denys)

1579. By Denys Duchier <email address hidden> on 2006-01-12

removed the lock_write method for read-only trees

1578. By Denys Duchier <email address hidden> on 2006-01-12

lock operations for trees - use them for diff

1577. By Martin Pool on 2006-01-12

[merge] robertc-integration

1576. By Robert Collins on 2006-01-12

 * Test sftp with relative, absolute-in-homedir and absolute-not-in-homedir
   paths for the transport tests. Introduce blackbox remote sftp tests that
   test the same permutations. (Robert Collins, Robey Pointer)

 * Transport implementation tests are now independent of the local file
   system, which allows tests for esoteric transports, and for features
   not available in the local file system. They also repeat for variations
   on the URL scheme that can introduce issues in the transport code,
   see bzrlib.transport.TransportTestProviderAdapter() for this.
   (Robert Collins).

 * TestCase.build_tree uses the transport interface to build trees, pass
   in a transport parameter to give it an existing connection.
   (Robert Collins).

1575. By Robert Collins on 2006-01-12

Review feedback fixes.

1574. By Robert Collins on 2006-01-10

BRANCH.TODO is done.

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