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0627485... by Damien Ciabrini

Helper macros to generate and access sofware DIP configuration

This introduces a breaking change in symbol names used for the
DIP pointers (rom_info_EU -> dip_eu_rom).

d1f2f96... by Damien Ciabrini

libngdevkit: wait vblank helper

cff5356... by Damien Ciabrini

Instantiate nullbios for MVS and AES

20cab32... by Damien Ciabrini

nullbios: implement IO checks and credits checks

bee7a47... by Damien Ciabrini

libngdevkit: new functions to display centered text

7fc5271... by Damien Ciabrini

Use names instead of addresses in crt0 and nullbios

9adf0c6... by Damien Ciabrini

New headers, BIOS variables for C and ASM

72d25dc... by Damien Ciabrini

Include helper library in pkgconfig --libs

f6fde33... by Damien Ciabrini

Populate header file and provide helper library

8efd1a7... by Damien Ciabrini

Split libsyscall's functions into independent files

This allows ld to only link the function used and will prepare the
migration to a more recent, c99-compliant, newlib version.