Last commit made on 2021-03-05
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d326ef8... by Damien Ciabrini

Allow extra configure steps for SDCC

This is required for building on MSYS2

4a6fc13... by Damien Ciabrini

Overcome gdb compilation error with new clang

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#48

3cbd3ec... by Damien Ciabrini

CI: fix cleanup of old nightly tags

40fd0b9... by Damien Ciabrini

CI: fix missing launchpad script

04ddaf2... by Damien Ciabrini

Migration to github actions CI

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#44

89b535e... by Damien Ciabrini

Initial support for newlib 4

f6e5ec7... by Damien Ciabrini

Add homebrew nightly build and bottle for ngdevkit-toolchain

5c0b219... by Damien Ciabrini

Merge pull request #4 from dciabrin/gdb8

Switch the toolchain to GDB 8.3.1

e87277a... by Damien Ciabrini

Switch the toolchain to GDB 8.3.1

This allows building the toolchain when the default python on the
system resolves to python 3.7

Closes #3

6d0db60... by Damien Ciabrini

Update Launchpad deploy token